Why wouldn’t I just FTP files to my own domain and send clients there?

There are lots of reasons to use QwikVu over FTP.

  1. Easier for you:

    • Manage all of your mock-ups via a user-friendly control panel.
    • Change background positions and colors; no HTML required.
    • Gather client feedback within the browser.
    • Get notification when clients have viewed your mock-ups and when they’ve left feedback.
    • Have a warm and fuzzy feeling that you’re making life easier for you and your clients.
  2. Easier for your clients:

    • Clients simply click a single link to view mock-ups - rather than downloading a bunch of email attachments.
    • Flick through galleries via a user-friendly browser toolbar; view thumbnails and skip to specific images.
    • Easily share designs with colleagues through the inbuilt messaging system.
    • Download entire galleries at the touch of a button.
    • Leave feedback within the browser via a fool-proof sticky note system.
  3. Clients have a real browser experience:

    • As long as you create and output your designs at 72dpi and actual final pixel size, your clients will get a sense of how the end-user will see their website. This really helps move the conversation forward as your clients will view your work as a website rather than a static image.

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